Global Violations

Just a quick question guys was the violation for taxiing over 30knots ground speed removed?


Only the 550GS speed rule got removed. Everything else stands.

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No. Everything is the same except for the ghosting by mods for going over 550GS under FL400.

You will still get a violation for:

  • Ground Taxi Speed (> 35kts GS)
  • Sitting on a runway too long on unicon
  • Over 250 < 10,000’
  • Over the speed limit for your particular plane at that specific altitude. (See red dots on speed tape)
  • Acrobatic flying over airports.

The only shame is now with the update people think it’s now ok to land on a runway marked red…

But I’m not complaining overall 😉

But… it is. Red only means the winds aren’t favorable for that runway.

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You are allowed to land on Red. It just means that there may be a crosswind or not favorable. Depending on the speed it is up to the controller really. I think red happens when is it a crosswind over 5kts or so, which plenty of planes can handle.

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Just to be clearer, it’s your ground speed while you taxi (35kts violation). At least I think it is 😂

And if the other end is green and the general traffic flow is going that way?

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General traffic flow should always be followed ofc.

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Ok thanks guys for the help :)

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So is there a speed limit below FL400 in the new version? Or pedal to the metal?

There are red dots on the speed tape. Dont go past that.


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