Global VA help:)

Hello! I am considering making a North American VA when global comes out. I was wondering what hubs you think I should have, I am thinking of having 2 hubs:).

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I don’t have specific places in mind, but I would suggest to make them unique. Steer towards non major cities perhaps.

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Houston? Dallas?

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I’m thinking DFW

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This might help you…

but don’t leave Big Bear if you create your VA 😭


You could try SDF. The gates handle up to a 757 (I think), but the runways can handle an a380. It’s also in the middle of the US, so it’s a central location and not extremely long flight to anywhere in the US.

I deleted my hard-worked on website, but I still might start mine too :)

JFK, and LAX. That way you have hubs on both sides of the continent. That also makes transatlantic flights easier to make.

I’d pick DFW and DEN


I’m not doing SoCal because I’ve seen so much of it that I can’t handle it anymore

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Maybe Toronto

DFW and DEN are not in SoCal.

Ok! Any name suggestions, Ito going to be a charter airlines

Arrow Air.

Ok, any others

Never mind, I got it

Albany, NY. You may think I’m crazy, but you would be right in the middle of the Largest cities in the East Coast, as well as Montreal, Toronto, etc.

It’s also in the middle of some of the crappiest weather in the winter.


that reply though… im dead