Global update

I’ve got android 6.0 and i still dont have global update.

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Hi! Welcome to the Forum! I recommend checking this topic.

For any device, Global requires the ability to run OpenGL 3.0. Firstly, tell us what device you have?


It’s not in your play store, correct? Did you get infinite flight from the play store? What version are you on right now? (Should be in the about section) This is very wierd, you have the required android.

He’s pretty much on the version before Global which I believe is 16.0 something.

What android device do you own?

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Yes its not in my Play store and I’ve got infinite flight from Play store. My current version is 16.13.0

Sorry for gramatical errors, I’m not English


I own Huawei p8 lite.

This device doesn’t support OpenGL 3.1:

If the search for “Infinite Flight” in the Play Store yields no results, then searching for another term will not work either. The Play Store will show the app if it meets the minimum requirements.


Aha I see. I was looking at the GFXBench and I didn’t see the N/As. Thanks!