"Global" update status, performance issues and workarounds

I will buy one one of this days, it lokks powerful enough

I have had no issues with Global until this morning. I was on a flight, the app froze and closed. I opened it back up and it wanted me to download my planes again. If I try, it gives me an error and won’t let me. I am logged in. I deleted the app, rebooted my Apple mini 4 and reinstalled. Still get the same message.

Dear Nelson, my device is 100% compatible because other people post here pictures from Global. Please note that problem is that IF completely disappear from Google Play. They are not in Installed apps, not in Updates and also not in Library. On web I see that my device is not compatible with this app. I can install on my very old Samsung Galaxy S2 but not on S7! Crazy. Please look at screenshot.

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Why are you running everything on low? I’ve been using an Air 2 for several months with all settings on high and it’s been great…


I have been using Global for nearly a week now on my device with everything on full an apart from a bit of freezing for a few seconds I haven’t ever experienced an app crash an it’s to the point where it’s stable enough to encounter no issues at all. Don’t under rate the Air 2 @Edgar_Mendez


No crashes here and same Air 2 , just some freezes here and there


I thought I was the only one experiencing the app freeze. I almost crashed at Dakar when suddenly the plane became unresponsive.


What’s your device? Has the freezing gone away after the hotfix?

No it still freezes and lags from time to time. I must say it isn’t as often as prior to the hotfix

just received the hot fix and downloading it now

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So far my cell phone has not received the 3 updates that came out for the simulator my cell phone is an Android 6.1 Samsung J7. I’m having problems with flight plan, when I put the flight plan and I search or the IF close

I had the same problem, the hotfix fixed it for me.


Have you seen this topic? It should help

Thank you very much for your attention. I had already done this procedure, but it still did not work.
More I solved the problem I uninstalled the IF and installed again, came with the updates and correcting the problem of the flight plan that IF closes


For iOS users, you can turn off Background App Refresh. Turn on Reduce Motion (Settings > General > Acessibility > Reduce Motion) and Reduce Transparency ( Settings > General > Acessibility > Increase Contrast). I tried this on my friend’s 6 and it can reduce heat and also improve perfomance :)

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What does “reduce transparency” and “reduce motion” do? I never tried it out before.

It will reduce animation (like opening apps, closing them, multitasking etc), and reduce transparency of your whole system (app dock, folder background, spotlight background etc), i ever heard that it will ease system memory usage on older device.

So when I access the map and I have the radio communications bar open the radio communications GUI starts flickering and glitching in and out just letting you guys know anotheir bug found

Please create a #support topic for any issues or bugs not explicitly mentioned here and that haven’t already been reported. This thread is not for bug reports :)

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I was thinking on iOS if you use the grayscale feature will it save battery and put less load on your device? Has anybody tried this before?