Global update on short final

So I hit the altitude and it’ll turn for me?

Correct you set the altitude yourself and then you hit the LNAV and it will go accordingly to your Flight plan.

Wow that makes flights a lot easier

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Almost too easy…

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I bet they won’t answer…

Go check out this topic and ask there. Boeing 737 MAX Series

If only they were adding the retro Lufthansa 747-8i I find that absolutely beautiful!


Why not make a features request? ;)

There already is one but it is quite old but still open so I don’t know.

Ask a mod if you can create a much better and new one with lots of info. They are quite negotiable and friendly.


Finally I’m gonna miss the old version a lot. And why did Apple reject the update that’s what I wanna Know other then that I’m exited incredibly

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No, pro comes in three types of subscriptions that you have to renew every so often depending on your choice of plan.

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Since you just bought live, global will be included in that. Once that live subscription has concluded, then you have to pay the new price for Infinite Flight Pro :)


I’m soooo looking forward for this update, but I’m kinda nervous too, I’m gonna miss the current version been used to it for a good few years now :-)

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I’m really happy for you and I’m excited for the new A320 Liverys, although, us Aussies have been wanting just two new Australian liverys on the 737. The Qantas 737 is also the most requested livery at the moment. Maybe before the devs consider the Frontier A321, they could give us Aussies some love?


My Live+ subscription runs out in January, does this mean if I purchase another 12m Live+ right now it will add on the end of my current subscription (Jan 2019) and become IF Pro? Or is the IF Pro offer only valid for existing Live+ bought before today?

I’m just gonna say it was because of some tiny bugs🐜 so ya I hope that answers your question

"Global update is on short final"
Atc: “Global update, you are cleared to land”

Pricing is fair for what we are getting in my opinion. FDS, thank you.


It’s probably a bug that has to do with security or a performance issue, should be resolved in no time.

How about you purchase the new one when your old one expires? Stop trying to take advantage of the situation. If you have 8 months left you shouldnt be able to renew for another 12 and have it added to the end.

There will be a transition period so let’s make it as smooth as possible for them. A subscription billing service is complicated to manage and this is the easiest route instead of forcing everyone to start over or issue mid period refunds.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Listen to the podcast. They tell you why apple rejected it. Sometimes they reject it and it just needs submtted again. Sometimes they want something else cleaned up that may have nothing to do with code. Why does it matter what exactly it is? Let it be…