Global update on short final

Amen to that mate! Eager to see everyone scatter off around the world!!

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I love this new subscription service, it’s nowhere near as expensive as people were being scared about. Now I just need to go out and get my new iPad to start playing later this week


I really can’t wait for this update!

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So… To be sure, Android will get the Update AFTER ios?
Or will it be at the same time?

just a question, not a fact

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This must’ve all been Val’s code…

Anyways I just can’t thank the devs enough, honestly, they’ve done the best job. And man that trailer looks darn good


Did they say any more detail to what liveries are coming for the A320 and the Boeing exactly? Cannot find it…

So has the update been sent to Apple, and they are reviewing it as of right now. Or, will the issues get fixed, and then the devs will resubmit the update to Apple? A little confused with the top paragraph part with the releases…

Because Laura said something along lines of resubmitting it with nothing changed

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Your right with the second one mate. Apple rejected it because there were some things to fix so they will send it back to them for approval once they have been fixed up.

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Wow! I am now really excited!!
It’s funny you realise after seing the new trailer how different the current version is especially if you compare it to the older trailer (I still love the old version btw!)


Also, in case nobody knows yet. There is a Twitter @appreviewtimes and a website that shows everyone the average time it takes Apple to review an app once submitted.

Has purchases through the website already been turned off because I can’t seem to sign in on it.

I’m really going to miss the current version but, in all fairness I’m ready for the new update! 🛫


I just think it will be so weird all the new features including global flight and nav


They sent it to apple but apple rejected it so they got fix the problems then resend it to apple theyou are doing this this week so global should be out this week hopefully

I’m pretty sure Laura said that they had sent it twice the first one got rejected but the second one approved so they appeared to be quite confused


All the updates in other game (Minecraft, X-Plane, etc) Then this update comes out and there like 😐😐😐…Best update I’ve ever seen😂

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So they sent it to day ??

If you watch the podcast in the bit where they were talking about sending it to Apple I’m pretty sure Laura said they’d sent a second one of the same version to them but it got approved however nothing seems to have happend

Lmfao bwhaahhahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂