Global- Trans-atlantic Flights

With global getting closer by the day, i can see that the northern Atlantic in infinite flight will have hundreds perhaps thousands of crossings each day, in order too see how this will work in infinite flight we will need to see how it works in the real world, we all know that radar servixes extand a couple miles off shore, in transatlantic routes such as KJFK to EGLL which i see it being packed once global is out. We should implement the “North Atlantic Tracks” more info on that here:
So imagine a aircraft going from KJFK to Heathrow, they are going to take track charlie, with little to no radar coverage the last contact with ATC will be Gander Center, gander will give a breifing on traffic over the atlantic and give proper atltitude and seperation with aircraft over the Atlantic, once the aircraft is far from shore ganders will say “Radar Services Terminated, Goodnight” so we should implement these “Tracks” to keep this pilots on course in the Northern Atlantic, there could be as many aircraft in these tracks as it can hold but it needs to have 5 miles of seperation between planes, so we should implement these “North Atlantic Tracks” and name them in letter so Alpha Bravo Charlie Echo so on and so forth, these tracks are chosen by pilots to see which track can get them to there destination most efficiently, comment on what you think about the North Atlantic Tracks for Trans Atlantic Fligts for global

To answer your question:

No global won’t have NAT-tracks, however the routes will take the great sphere effect into consideration. The NAT tracks are updated daily and is just too much work to update.


Nope + feature requests are for TL2’s.