Global traffic: ATC "problems"

Well… You may think “oh not another one of these Global topics”
I know there are other topics About Global ATC and i have looked at them but i could not Find an Answer to my question…

So at the moment we have regions, when ATC is active it can get prettey active, but after Global, with the current amount of IFATC and pilots i dont think you get too mutch ATC coverage if you do a long haul… I think there are gonna be events like: Crossing the Channel… Like flying from Brussels to Belfast or something like that with full ATCand hopefully some traffic. With that said, what do you think About this? Thx✌️🇧🇪

Ask yourself, when is ATC the most active? Departures and arrivals.

There are a million topics on this 🙄. Tyler has already said that he is working on a solution. Also, IFATC is growing super fast. We are getting new controllers almost everyday, sometimes even a few in a day.


Please use the handy dandy search problem before posting, there have been many topics on this

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Please read what he said again Xd

maybe the gap will not be like now, maybe the world map will be more small, maybe do NY- London will be a little longer than Kuala Lumpur/Singapore.And as my colleague @Nicholas_L said,IFATC is growing very fast


Already a large amount of topics discussing this; please search.