Global Terrain

I am facing an issue where an airport is not loading as well as the surrounding terrain. I was almost to the downwind leg for RWY 11 at STL and everything disappeared. I am posting this because I thought the issue was resolved this morning. Is this just a bug?

This is most likely a bug. Try restarting the device, if the problem persist, try reinstalling the app. If you still have the problem after that, give us all the information you can about this issue:

  • device make/model
  • current graphics settings (screenshot is fine)
  • where the issue is happening exactly
  • precise steps to reproduce the issue
  • screenshot or video capture of the problem.


ps: this simple checklist applies to most bugs you find


I crashed into a mountain and it turns out the runway ran right through a mountain.

I buy a month of live flight. it’s two days that I can not enter the server. Does this have to do with the update?

Sometimes it is a while until the Aircraft loads. Lately I’ve been taking around 3-10min to load in. Mae sure you have a good internet connection as Global is streamed.

@Henry_Alfonso_Lara_T Are you still stuck in the loading screen? this shouldn’t happen anymore, servers are fine; try reinstalling the app.


You can see airports through terrain; this is a known bug that we will fix soon.


E8CCF48B-B9B4-424A-BCF3-D78011361BFBI deleted and installed IF 3 times now and this is what i see is that the hd image??? I have an ipad pro 12.9 with 15gb free storage and settings are full and ok and you can see im showing my network speed does it really need a super fast internet to work ? cuz its really frustrating it looks horrible before was better… just asking you :)

That is 15m resolution. You are close to the ground, it isn’t as good as up high. Be glad it isn’t 500m terrain, that looks like an arcade game at low altitude.

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That number is not network speed; please disregard that number. It won’t be shown in the next update.

This is as good as it gets when close to the ground for the moment; satellite imagery is very expensive this is why we are limited.
Before it might have looked more detailed but it was a repeated texture that had nothing to do with the actual location. Now we have millions of square miles of realistic imagery. This is a trade off.


Thank you philippe its ok appreciate your hard work on this

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