Global talk

Their a around 44 thousand airports in the world and the devs have only made 800 so im not sure if they nake all 44k it will be like 5 years until global

We already have a thread for global talk.

Evolution of Global Flight

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Please post all global related topics in the below topic


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We have a team of airport developers (volunteers) who I believe work for free to create airports for IF and they are working very hard to create a lot of airports go check the developers section for more info

They don’t create every airport, they use the database created by Laminar Research which includes all airports.

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Yes it’s true…we the airport editors don’t get paid.

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You guys are awesome and should get paid for your work

Thanks for your appreciation😄 Hope you can enjoy the airports soon.

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only made 800.

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Check this website. There are 829 airports made and 303 airports under development as of today.