global several problems

my friend on IOS has global and he said that on his Air 2, his flights freeze for about ten seconds before returning to normal, and the camera is laggy and glitchy when he moves it around

The specs are
IPad Air 2
iOS 10.2.1
Latest IF Version

Maybe it is because of the iOS

Does your friend have an IFC account?
If so it would be much easier to do direct communication with him.

unfortunately, he doesn’t at the moment

Ok, has he tried to do anything to troubleshoot on his end?
Restart device
Reinstall IF

I have been having the same issues on the Air 2 (but on IOS 11).

I think it might be from the server load right now, but as a precaution, I’ve been using Infinite Flight with no background apps, lower settings, and a device restart before I launch my session, and that seems to have reduced the effect.

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he can’t restart right now because he’s in the middle of a flight but he restarted yesterday when it initially started to happen

Hmm, I don’t know what to do, just wait for a moderator to come by to share the wisdom.

i had this also happen to me to when i was using my brothers air 2

Tell him that he needs to lower his graphics and turn off anti-analyzing. This should solve the issue.

@Matthew_Harrison @antek

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he said h tried it and it didn’t seem to help

it runs smootly the whole flight it just happens for 10 seconds once or twice for me

Ask him to delete and reinstall Infinite Flight. This issue may be due to a corrupt scenery cache file.

you need ios 10.3.3 according to a post I sw earlier today

iOS 10.0.1 is required :)

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That is an incorrect error that Apple gives you when your device is incompatible, even if you have 10.3.3.
As long as you have any version of 10 or 11 you are fine.

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Is this on live or solo?

ah okay, thanks:) I have android so I was just going off of a picture that I saw earlier

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Hey guys, the issue is currently being solved. Please don’t repeat any steps that have already been said, and please wait for the person with issues to respond before giving him another possible solution. Thanks!


The reason may be is because of the operating system, the current system for IOS now is 11.0.3

Infinite flight only supports a minimum operating system of IOS 10. I suggest updating to the latest version of IOS.