Global servers down?

Maybe it’s me 😏

Just a question of luck, I get connected but I forgot to take a FPL

I got that too. Does anyone know why?

I just got kicked out because ‘someone else is on my account’, which isn’t true. It’ll be fixed, just leave it alone for a bit.

My account is “Being Used By Someone Else” according to Infinite Flight.

I believe the Devs will sort it in the next hour or so

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i just got the exact same message. Just typed in about 20min worth of waypoints from ord to hnd (13hr flight) and got this message ffs
Guess i wont be doing my overnight flight then.

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Guys, it’s back up now! Restart IF!

Had the same problem. Also had my throttle cut as the app said my account was being used on another device. Was 20 min out from Hong Kong after 2.5 hr flight :(

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Isn’t for me ur lucky

Not working for me (ignore my username it’s old and cringe)

Never mind, it went down again.

I solved it by updating and reinstalling, however the airport data seems to be wrong

I’m looking into it…


Same with me… Said someone is using my account.

Thank you Laura. Appreciate it

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I’m so mad Cos I’m like half way into the flight now UGHH

Thanks Laura 🙂 Hope it’s fixed

Should be slowly getting back to normal… Not sure what happened, our caching system got completely overwhelmed all of a sudden and couldn’t handle the load…


Servers should be back up.

We will look into our logs to figure out what happened. Sorry about the trouble caused everyone :-/

I take the blame for this one…