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Hi everyone.
Since the last monday, every time that I do a flight the global server doesn’t works. I know that in Monday all of us had problems with that, but the problem it’s solved now?

Device: iPad Pro 11
Operating system: 15.6.1


Hello there!

You said the global server doesn’t work. Does this mean that you can’t join or that you disconnect? If you get a pop up message/error code please also provide that in the thread.

I personally haven’t had any connection issues, and I believe the server issues were solved but I am unsure.

Some things you could try to fix the issue:
-restarting the app
-If you have a VPN, changing it to a closer location and/or turning it off
-checking your internet connection and provider to see if there is a local issue due to maintenance works etc.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Mats.
Thanks for your help!!
Have happy and safe flights.
Best rewards

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I usually think it’s a network problem
The following post has a more comprehensive solution to the network problem

I think it’s actually more helpful to use a VPN in some countries and regions, try to change the region to the US because Infinite Flight’s servers are in the US

I hope this was helpful, and feel free to ask me any questions:)

Normally this should be longer. Since with a VPN you’re taking a detour from a direct connection with the IF servers but instead connects to a server somewhere else that then connects to the IF servers.

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Is the problem solved? Because then we can close this topic.

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