Global server

With the global server going down last night are we going to get credit for our flight?

We’re not aware of any Global server issues recently?

What do you mean by this?? Are you getting disconnected from your flight?

If this is the case it may be your internet connection

It happened last night did not get credit for my flight from EGGL/KMIA on my log or replay. I did a perfect flight with no violations.

I was able to land but no ATC to let everyone know of my incoming and my log and replays don’t show the airport I landed at. I go back on and it said “Infinite flight global server experiencing difficulties”

i just did an overnight flight and i had no problem with the servers wdym?

The error code 8 came up on the infinite flight main page.

There was most likely some connectivity issue on your end in that case I’m afraid.
If you were disconnected from the Live server or ended the flight prematurely, you would have gotten the stats up until that point (disconnection from Live or when you ended the flight)

3/5/2021 at 3:36 Zulu time

I have a snap shot of the main page on infinite flight with the error code.

Doesn’t matter in this case, i know what it looks like :)

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