Global server


my global server keeps disconnecting and the scenery goes all fuzzy some times it reconnects and sometimes it doesn’t. any way i can sort this?

thank you

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1st at all: Do you have a good internet connection?

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yes, it’s a stable connection

Try to free up some space, close other apps running, and IDK if the “scenery cache” can fix that too?

Hello, can you check how much storage you have left on your device?

all apps are closed and i cleared scenery cache also multiple times recently, it’s happened multiple times over the past few days

An issue like this has happened to me on occasion, and an easy remedy for this is just to either restart your device or to restart your internet. I’m not sure as to what the cause is, perhaps a support staff could answer that.

So, do what @Pingu said. Prbably you have not enough space, since the replays take storage :)

Thats fine a deleted more apps and it’s connected again, but i’ll go through my replays and delete them, thank you all for your help


We are always happy to help :)

Glad to hear it works. Let me know if this starts happening again, and if it’s something other than the device storage.

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ok, thank you.

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