Global Server

is anyone having an issue in the training server with the “Global Server” as mine is not connecting, my internet is fine and i am using iPad 6th Gen.

Is the scenery and airport loading?

Yes I spawned and it was working, loaded scenery and now 45mins in everything is working other than global server

All that matters is that the scenery is loading. The sensitivity for the Global server indication needs to be adjusted. This is a non-problem unless the scenery stops loading.

Ok, thanks this can be closed.

Yes im trying to spawn in on the training server but i have been in the XCub loading screen for about 2 minutes now. i have IPhone XR by the way.

my friend is having this issue as well.

Restart the app and clear the scenery cache If you tried to load in the middle of it “glitching”, you might be stuck.

How do i clear scenery cache?

Pause>Settings>General>Clear Cache

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In the app:

Settings -> General
Scroll all the way down.

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On another note, all of you wouldn’t happen to be located in Australia? It seems that way, and I’ve received reports from other users in the area about this.

The most likely issue here is that our service provider for the content streaming is having some issues in the area.

Sure is im flying Perth to Adelaide

I meant in real life, but i guess one could say your reply covers both? ;)

Ok Thanks!

Yeah i live in Australia

Thanks for your help as always, this thread can be closed.

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Same (obviously)

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I’ll keep it open just in case things go really bad. But it shouldn’t, quite the opposite :)

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I can’t seem to spawn at OOKB, both on solo and multiplayer.

But I can spawn at other airports, on both solo and online. I have a weird request for anyone reading this… Can you spawn at OOKB?