Global server

Global server seems to be out today, Sunday, December 3, 2017, 9:21 a.m., east
coast, USA.

this belongs in #support.

Better be back on by the time I get off work.

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The servers seem to bee working fine for me.

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Looks perfect to me. Did a four hour flight no problem

Doesn’t matter where you are, the servers are the same. Check your internet connection and restart your device, then retry.

Also , I think I heard this somewhere,
if it doesn’t show up as 0% that means that the server is working.
If it sais 0% then try going out and back in the app.
Or turn off your device and on again

Be sure to specify the server

If you check on LiveFlight, you can see that the servers are up and running. This must be on your side of the issue, I suggest restarting your Router or Modem or simply wait it out.

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