Global server system status warning.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, when I get a global server issue the icon goes red & the floor’s quality goes lesser & the airports disappear, I would appreciate it if anyone helps me, this has bugged me alot this week, I couldn’t even take off without this issue on me.


This is likely a connection issue, have you checked your router or modem? A restart of your router may be necessary as in order to stream terrain IF requires a constant stable connection.



I would suggest that you reset your wifi router as Global needs wifi to download the terrain, etc while you fly.


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I’ve restarted my router many times before while having this problem, it never worked out.

reinstall the app ;)!

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Alright., I will reinstall the application.

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It works! Thank you for the support, I appreciate it, I wish this issue doesn’t happen again anytime after.

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No problem, PM me with anything else.

Warm Regards,

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