Global Server red

Global Server is going down all the time, talking to some friends they have the same problem

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Hi there! The devs were just notified of problems similar to what you are describing. To confirm, the game has loading issues, global server is red, and scenery is not loading properly?


this looks like a different problem

i dont think it is

Many people are experiencing these issues now. Like my global server is also red.

Well his problem is not being able to leave the loading screen, already mine …

Yeah I am having the same issue. However, all of these issues are occuring now.

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The server is being looked into.


will I have a problem if I take off my plane for a flight?

I can confirm I am having scenery loading issues on iPad Pro 2018 and IPhone XR when I try to open an airport. Services and everything else work fine on my end but the scenery is not loading properly.

Same, nothing will load online.

I too am seeing this issue. I noticed in the middle of a flight on the casual server the red indicator for Global being down (its actually going on and off) and scenery not loading, it was earlier in the flight. Other than that the flight seems to be proceeding. I hope I will be able to land.

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I experienced the same thing around 2300Z
It wasn’t just Global Server though, API, Weather, and Live were also flickering
Luckily, I managed to land with no major issues

Scenery just started loading again for me, now seeing all servers online and normal scenery.

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Servers should be functioning normally now.