Global Server red?

Hey guys,

I’ve been having this issue for a couple of days now, and it seems consistent with flying in and out of busy airports. When I fly into a busy airport, I lose my global server connection. When I fly out of a busy airport, I lose it shortly after takeoff and it remains gone for the rest of the flight. The only way to get my connection back is by restarting the app, which obviously is fatal to any flight I’m doing. I’ve ruled out my connection, as it is stable and fast, and I’ve attached a Speedtest screenshot to back that up. I’ve also tried reinstalling the app. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Just wait a few seconds, it would usually go back to normal.

That’s the issue, it doesn’t go back to normal.

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Did you try reset your modem?

Yup tried that too, didn’t help. It almost seems like the app itself is overloaded…

Try restarting you’re device.

Ehm what device do you have also?

I had my device shut down overnight and the issue persisted today as well.

iPad Air 2

It has been struggling greatly since the A10 update…

When flying do you have any other background apps?

Only Safari and Navigraph charts, and iOS kills both regularly

Ok, are you losing complete connection to the internet or only to the servers relating to IF?

Only the global server. Everything else stays connected.

Sorry mate if not providing much help here but I’m not sure I’ve got anyone idea for whats goin on, guess the the mods will take a look soon.

@schyllberg help?

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Sebastian won’t be back on for a few more hours. As much as he seems to be a robot he does get some sleep occasionally. He’ll see this soon ;)


Just out of curiosity, after the symbol turned red did it freeze or crash?

No it didn’t, scenery just stopped appearing after a while

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Just to be clear with everyone that says oh restart your router, to quote something Seb said a while ago (if it still applies), once your device has lost connection for an extended amount of time, it will not reconnect, and will stay disconnected from the live server. I’m not sure why…
Also if I remember correctly, holding down on the green/ red tick was supposed to reset your server connection, again if that still applies.

Otherwise people recommending you restart your router or phone are basically teaching you how to suck eggs 😉