Global Server red & Weather

my global server & weather is red and green, many others in the YYZ event are also complaining, I don’t think its my network

Same! My weather is red too

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When has this started. Has it happened in the last five minutes or before that.

It’s also the top of the hour, so it may have/will be resetting right now. Give it about five minutes, especially for the Red Weather as the weather data provider resets every hour

its been happening for 30 ish mins

It may just be that the server that provides this is down. In that case you would probably just have to wait it out :)

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Mine is back to normal tho

Global services very on and off right now :/


would this effect my flight

I have red weather.

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Wait it out or, if it’s a device issue, you will have to restart the flight

Now I am all green.


Not really. You will have old weather though :)

it turns green and red Weather & Global server

Weather will reset at the top of hour, give it about five minutes it usually fixes itself.

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how about global server

Having the same problem there flicking on and off.

Global server may come back if it’s a server issue (from IF or data providers side). If the issue is from your end, then you might need to restart the flight

i don’t think its on my end as others also have it

It’s mostly an internal issue. Please wait for some time and see. If not, we can escalate this to the devs of mods

They will probably recognize themselves too if the issue does become that serious.

Patience Is Key

Mine was on and off for a few hours then the flight crashed

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