Global server problem

Hello, I have a problem just did a flight from KSLC Airport to KSEA Airport.

When I got there it turned out that there was a bit of something in the screen, I changed screens a few times but the image was not getting right.

The image KSEA Airport was also only half visible on the screen.
There was a problem with the global server 3X during my flight.

I’m flying the flight again now

Can you guys include eight here thank you.

Regards, KLM MartijN


Hi, can you please confirm that you have storage available on your device? You likely ran out of storage while streaming terrain and airports so you’ll need to free up some space so that scenery can load as you are flying.


Hey, the 2nd time went fine, didn’t fly for several days, maybe the game also needed an update …

Idd my memory is a bit full and cleaned up.
game now runs smoothly. Thank you for your information TOP.

greetings, KLM MartijN

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