Global Server Offline

Hey IFC. During the middle of most of my flights I experience a lost of connection to global server. When global server is offline it does not let me land the aircraft and the land is very blurry. I can still see other aircrafts but really nothing else. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue? It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Hunter.


Maybe it is your wifi connection.

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Hey Hunter!

What you experiencing seems to be an issue with your internet connection. Can you confirm that you have a stable connection.

In addition to that, how frequent is this issue? Does it happen when you are on a different WiFi network?

The global server streams scenery which is why that would happen. Your internet is acting up and not hitting the scenery server correctly. If this persists maybe try a free VPN until the internet is working again.

How much storage do you have available on the device? Quoted part above points a bit towards low storage?

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Idek lemme check

I have .6GB remaining.

0.6 or 6? Just to be sure here :)

.6GB remaining

Okay, i would say you have an issue there. Running very low on storage… i would start by cleaning up a bit so you have at least 1GB to work with.

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Ok I will do that and get back to you thanks.

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Hey. I just did a flight and I did not have an issue. I deleted all replays from IF and other stuff ok my iPad and it worked. Thanks a lot for the help.

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Glad it worked out for you. Make sure you always have at least a 1gh free space before the flight. Don’t delete replays unless you are sure you don’t need them (violations, etc)