Global server issues

Hey guys ,
My global server in Infinite flight appears to be acting up. It keeps flickering from red to green then back to red again. Here’s what I’ve done so far:
Clear cache
Restart wifi
Reload app

I’ve done these three things and I am still having trouble. Any other ideas is greatly appreciated. I also have video of the problem but it will not let me attach it to my post :o


Server appears to be functioning on my end and connecting just fine. I’m going to refer you to a post that was made by Philippe around this time last night. I’ve got a suspicion what we’re seeing could be tied to his info in the following comment.


Thank you so much :) . Yeah this first started happening around 20 minutes ago. I’ll see if I can land on the runway fine. It just kinda terrified me a bit cause this happened on a long haul I was doing but I’m crossing my fingers for a safe landing. Technology can do crazy things :)

Hmm… I just started having some too. I will let ya’ll know if it resolves.

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I can say I’m having the same issue as well at the moment.

I can confirm that I have the same issue, also I cannot spawn into VPQR in solo mode, but I can spawn into every other just fine. I also keep getting disconnected from global, and I have good internet and I restarted my app, thanks

Mine has resolved👍

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I am getting it going between red and green a few times.

I’ve had solid red for the last hour in a half

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