Global Server Issues

Hi everyone, I just started a flight and I noticed I have a red Global Server Problem. This happened yesterday and I had to restart the app and my iPad to fix it and I don’t want to do that again because I still have about 5 1/2 hours to go. Any suggestions?

Just keep going it will fix its self typically.


If it doesn’t reconnect then try enabling airplane mode for 30 seconds then turn it off and see if it connects again

How much storage do you have available? The app will disconnect to that if the available storage is too low.

Update: I tried that and then the game froze after adjusting my route, I’m restarting now.

Check your storage. I had the very same problem. When I ran out of storage once as I approached EHAM the terrain stopped loading anymore which resulted me on not seeing the runway and I crashed.
I don’t know but it could be your storage. :)

So did you leave the app at any point or did anything pop up on screen that resulted in the flight being paused?

I’ve freed up some storage now and reloading the app.

I opened my route to delete a waypoint I didn’t want and then when I exited I couldn’t move around the screen because it had froze. I had that problem before and it resolved itself within 30 seconds or so, but this time it was really bad and the app crashed.

What device do you use? And was limit frame rate on?

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