Global Server Issue

If I am using WiFi the connection to the Global Servers is always unstable and there is no additional information given… But if I use mobile data everything works fine
I would be pleased if you could help me

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I think u have to restart ur phone and go on from there that happen to me a few mins ago at VABB

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If you’re constantly having issues with your wifi, check if it loads something else on another device to see if your internet is running slower, and if so, either restart your wifi at your own accountability, or call your provider and see🙂👍

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Depends on your wifi. Sometimes your wifi’s connection to the server may be unstable. You might want to try a vpn or something like that.

No. No VPN. That will cause more issues then it’ll solve from what i’ve read before👍

The most important thing to think of here;

Is causing any issues for you? Do you notice any scenery/airport loading problems?
If it’s just the indicator flickering, don’t worry :)


No I just landed and there was no scenery I recorded it I didn’t know where I am… And because of that I got a violation because I apparently landed on the taxiway but I couldn’t even see the runway lighting
How can I show you the video?

Best option is to upload it to YouTube and link :)

Here’s the link it’s a bit too long but you can definitely get the idea:

Like that it looked like for me since approach… I thought it would maybe be because of the low visibility that was listed in the notam because I never experienced a low visibility landing… But anyways it kinda got strange when it started to shake the control up and down and stuff like that… The camera change was also automatically done without me even touching my phone because of my surprise @schyllberg

Try refreshing your modem aka turn it off then back on. Works for me so that might be a fix