Global server issue ongoing?

I took off two hours ago (0300Z) and for the past hour and a half, the global server symbol has been red, briefly flashing green when panning around the terrain etc.
Never had this problem before, loads of storage and super fast internet connection.

Just to make you aware this problem is potentially still unresolved.


Can confirm same issue on my end right now, I’ve restarted the app as well have done a reset on my IPad but still have no connection to the global server. (All other servers are green/connected though)


Can confirm as well. 2 hours into a flight and I have not seen it connect

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Not having the same issue here, I have done 3 flights in the last couple hours. Could be an isolated issue?

I’ll be honest I don’t know the difference between the global server and the live server

Just got connected back to the server.

Edit: no longer connected now, guess it’s gonna connect/disconnect

IPad 2017, IOS 13.4.1

Let see if a mod or staff member will come on to address the situation.

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What device are you on that’s having the issue?

Global server streams the scenery on the ground, the live server is where all the aircraft location, status and ATC communications are processed.

It’s an S8+ running Android 7, which I dug out after the S10 had freezing issues!

Is your scenery not loading properly or the server is saying it’s down for you?

yeah I was on my way to LAX on a FedEx Cargo flight and I just checked on my flight and realized it had been frozen… this crashing needs to be fixed!!!

This problem has not been resolved, a least not for me. Doing a group flight and only one of us had gotten in. This needs to be fixed

All good on my end, have been doing 2 long hauls and no issues. I’m on iOS

having the same issue currently, flying, but global server is down

2019 I Pad pro

Thank you, I read this morning that they were having problems with this but they claim to solve it so I don’t know

Just flown over the Canaries, and can confirm that whilst still not looking bad, there are definitely areas of pixelisation where it hasn’t loaded fully.

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I think this could be related to the issue Infinite Flight had earlier?

Y’all are really complaining about a tech issue that “needs to be fixed”, even though the issue popped up about 10 mins ago. Give it time. Jeez. The staff aren’t robots and can’t respond to all problems with the snap of a finger. They’ll fix it. Just give it time.

It might not even be an issue on Infinite Flight’s side. It might be their live server platform which has an issue on their end.


Having same issue, Global Server in Red

iPhone 6s, iOS 13.4