Global Server Issue - Flickering Red

Hi everyone,
For the past few days the “global sever” system has been troublesome and has been going from green to red quite a number of times in every flight. The first time I experienced this was last Saturday. A few trends/key things I’ve noticed is that it is mostly only on long haul flights, and it is usually towards the end of the long haul flights. The beginning portion is completely fine. I checked my WiFi connection and it remains stable, and so is my device. I’m still able to see other planes and communicate with ATC so I do not believe it to be an issue from my internet or device. I was wondering, what might be causing this issue and how can it be resolved?


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It’s most likely an issue with your internet - try restarting your router and see if that helps.

Another update:
after switching to red and staying like that for about an hour, my game crashes. This has happened three times now, so i’m quite sure it is related. I’ve seen the reasons why game crashes happen on long hauls (15 hour+, and if you focus the camera on the scenery too long) but I’ve done neither of these things.

Hello @CaptainRohit!

Are you running low on storage on your device?

Ah, it seems my storage is actually full! Would that be the cause of the crashes?

That would actually be the cause of both the Global server issues + the crashes probably :)
It will fail because the app will have major issues downloading additional scenery imagery, since there’s no place to put it.

I see. Silly mistake on my part, thank you very much for the assistance as always! Have a good day/night. :)

No worries at all :)