Global server in red

Have been flying for a couple hours now. My global server turned red and kept flickering until it became permanent. Live server and weather are perfectly fine. Any help is appreciated


Global server is green here.
Can you still see other aircrafts?

Yes I can but I am alone rn

How much storage do you have on your device? And if you put it to day time. Is the scenery blurry?

Do you have a stable internet connection?

46.2gb used storage out of 64

Yes it is

I do, I dont think it is my internet in this case

Hmmm, I think if it was your internet your Live Server and Weather would also be red. Your storage seems fine too. Weird.

This has happened to me as well. If you clear your scenery cache. It’ll probably work. But don’t do it in flight as you’ll loose your whole flight.

Clearing Cache will probably solve the blurry scenery, but I am not sure about the Red Global Server.

Have cleared my cache before the making of this topic but i am still flying. Global server and the scenery is still bad

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Has this happened before or is this the first time?

First time this has happened

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Pls help am approaching the airport

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