Global server failure mid-flight caused speed violation

Flew over night from KSAN to NZAA, about a 12 hour flight. This morning, approaching NZAA, the airport disappeared and I got an invalid speed violation. I was under 10,000 MSL @ 190 knots at the time. I noticed that the global server was offline so that may explain the missing airport, but why the speed violation? Looks like a glitch.

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Hello, what on that indicate red? Live Server?

Edit: Oh, I see, I don’t what Global Server do for IF, maybe @schyllberg can help out.

The global server is for scenery and airports only, so it’s very unlikely this caused the issue. Do you have screenshots of your flight at the time of the violation?


No time to get a screen shot. Very weird graphics. Violation indication disappeared in seconds. New iPad pro.

Too busy trying figure out why I got a speed,violation. Slowed airspeed below 170K and it disappeared.

Did you reached over 250kt?

No. I’m pretty experienced with almost no violations. This was weird.

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A moderator/staff member will be the only ones that can help you at this point. Let one of them respond and they may be able to look into it for you. Or you can PM one of them directly.

According to the system logs, you were at 10,000ft exactly with a groundspeed of 323kts. Which is roughly 265-270kts Indicated Airspeed. For altitudes at and below 10,000ft, the speed limits is to remain below 250kts. I generally aim to be at or below 240kts when crossing through 10,000ft. This will ensure that I have a little bit of a buffer from the violations.


That was not the speed displayed. I was at most 200, slowing down to 190. That’s why I was surprised to get the violation.

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It’s windy in New Zealand.

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Ha ha! This is true! 😁

Not at 10,000ft. I just went on Casual and winds were only 10kts at altitude. Going back into the wind aloft history it wasn’t more than 15kts at that altitude.

@Ray_Watkins Do you have any screenshots of this violation being issued or any steps to reproduce this? If so, that’d be extremely helpful.


Edit: Slow down next time. :)

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He wouldn’t be at said location during his flight.

Unfortunately no time for a screen shot. Violation notice disappeared too quickly. On final at NZAA the airport wasn’t there. Just landing aid, so I landed in grass, or a big black void or whatever it was. 😁

Airspeed at the moment of violation was around 210 slowing to 190, so I was far from >250kt.

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