Global server error

So I’m having this problem with the global server having a red error I’m not sure what to do I think it affecting me because I can’t see any players

Hi there!

Try restarting IF and your device. If that wasn’t work, reply below telling us that didn’t work.

Also, please provide us what device you are using. That could come into play as well. Hope I could help!


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I’m using a iPad air 2 and have updated iOS the global server was working fine until it turned by its self

Do you make sure you have a strong connection every time you fly? If not that could possibly be the reason

What server is this on? Can you ensure that you have a strong internet connection?

  • Try turning airplane mode on and off for 30 seconds.

I have a very strong WiFi but the error just popped up when I was mid flight im still flying now

And you said you restarted infinite flight and your device correct? If not do so. If you have, I would wait for a moderator to address the issue ;)

No need to contact a Moderator. We are always watching 😎


If you are still flying continue on. You may intermittently see your status change. Suggest you try the suggestions above such as switch to airplane mode for 30 seconds and then switch it off to reconnect to your WiFi.

Some other good habits are to restart your device and relaunch the app before flights to start fresh. An occasional router reset helps from time to time as well.

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Alright, but will I still be flying because hi might lose my route that I was flying and I don’t go restart the route all over again

Sir moderator I tried turning it off and the global server shows that red exclamation mark red thing

For what it’s worth, I have previously posted a support thread on the same topic a few weeks after global was released. That red exclamation mark is what prevents scenery from loading properly whether mid-flight or on start up and landing. I’ve got both an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPad Pro 10.5 running the latest version (at the time) of iOS and IF.

Due to this error, I have never been able to successfully load a couple of airports that I’d love to fly from: WSSS, YSSY, YMML, KLAX, KSFO, KATL, KIAH, KJFK, EGLL, EGKK, EHAM, EDDF, EDDM and VTBS (so far). In the case of LSZH, the tarmac loads but the aircraft actually falls through and lands below tarmac level (some aircraft like the B777 will crash on start up due to the fall, while the A380 and B787 manage to survive that fall). Puzzling innit?

Most of the time, I’m limited to beginning and ending my flights to the following airports which load properly: NZAA, KBOS, KEWR, KSEA, EGCC, EKCH, VHHH, YBBN, YPPH.

In the case of other airports, it’s become a matter of trial and error. Meaning to say before embarking on the flight, I have to test a start up at both the departure and arrival airport to make sure I can load the scenery without falling beneath the tarmac before planning the flight. It gets a little annoying, but so far there’s no fix for me. Crossed my mind to request for a refund, but honestly now I just make do with the destination pairs that I can work with.

No amount of deleting / reinstalling / clearing RAM / restarting device works. Both my devices have the exact same problem at the exact same airports. It could well be the network (I’m based in Singapore with a 500 Mbps fibre plan connected with a wireless AC router that’s about 5 metres away from my devices unobstructed). Switching to 4G / LTE network doesn’t help either. But I did notice that when I was in Hong Kong, KIAH and EGLL loaded properly for me. Could it really be the case of (actual) geographical regions affecting what loads for me and what doesn’t? I’ll let you developers work that one out.

Fingers crossed it gets fixed in future updates.

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