Global Server Down

Hi Guys,

Started off a long haul flight with no issues. Half way through my connection to the global server went down. Since then everything else is green and ok. However it seems to connect for a split second then goes again. I cleared my scenery cache before this flight just incase there were still issues with crashing mid flight. The scenery is not loading at all, so I’m unsure whether I’ll actually be able to load the arrival.

I’m still flying at the moment so don’t really want to restart the app and lose the flight…

Cheers :)


Nothing in it really says about issues with the Global Server…

Let’s start with these:

How’s your connection?
How much storage do you have left?

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My connection is fine and I’ve got over 100gb storage left!? I had to bite the bullet and stop the flight. I restarted the app and it seems to of fixed itself. It’s just annoying that I’ve had to do this as I wasn’t able to load any scenery to land anywhere

Hey, have you tried restarting your device @Ollie_Barnett? Cuz this helps sometimes.

Glad rebooting helped.