Global Server Down

I’m currently flying WSSS-OTHH Qatar 945 in the A350-900 right on the west part of India at 38,000ft.
Wifi connection is great and everything else is good.


  • iPad Mini 5
  • IF latest version
  • Land is not loading

The scenery is in extremely bad quality because it probably can’t load in. The little status thing on the top right also shows it isn’t working

Global server isn’t down for me, but for starters just turn your settings down.

Ok I’ll try that. I also tried the turn WiFi off trick and that’s not working

What server are you on?

Also just to see if it does anything, can you clear your scenery Cache in settings > general?


Yeah the servers are up for me. Can you see your network speed and check it?

Or it could possibly be everyone trying to all connect to the IF global servers and it is having trouble keeping up.

Looks good to me

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Sometimes global server crashed when the web connection loses for some time and the scenery does not load along with airports. Usually, it sorts out itself and connection is reestablished and scenery loads. But sometimes that doesn’t happen and ending the flight is the only solution :(

If your scenery is glitchy, try clearing scenery cache. I honestly don’t know how to help other than that, so I hope you get that issue fixed!

I did that already

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