Global server down

My device is now actually not connecting to the global server as well. I have very good internet.


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It’s probably an issue with the server. It should be up and running soon.

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I have been loading for the past few minutes to get into your KHTO 😂 won’t let me join global

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Yeah I am having issues also, it comes in and out of connection

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He was perfect on approach and he was almost on the runway.

I don’t know how to further assist you, sorry. If the problem persists you can contact a staff member.

and 5 minutes after i land it turns green. why why why

Back online for me now!

aaand nope its red again

Just so that the mods actually know how many of you are experiencing problems. This poll will let them and us know whether this is a server wide issue or just individual user issues.

  • Yes i am experiencing problems
  • No i am not

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Edit: Looks like its working again.

I also can confirm it’s working! Must of been some shortage or something.

it’s working for me not but idk if it will change again

back to solid green for me too

Still going back and forth between connecting and disconnecting for me

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Just lost connection

I can confirm that this has been happening to me as well while I was flying earlier

I tested out my WiFi just before spawning in and I have a strong connection. I also restarted my device before I tested my WiFi.

The issue I’m having is that the top right would say the Global is not working but when I click on it, it says “No additional information”

And the issue would pop in, fix itself, fail again, fix itself, etc etc. Luckily, it was working as I landed at SJC and despawned but the results could’ve been much different.

It’s working fine with me

It seems that we are experiencing some issue with our cluster every week around the same time. We are talking to our cloud provider to try to identify the root cause and hopefully find a permanent solution.

In the meantime, we just pushed a hotfix to the app that contain a fix that should help in case this keep happening (we increased a timeout value that was too small and caused too many retries which could lead to this issue).

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and value your patience as we solve this.

ps: it should be good now, we redirected traffic to a backup cluster.


Totally thought you said you’re taking your cloud provider, and I was about to ask why are you taking them?

Thanks for everything!

I’m having some problems where it just told me someone is using this account?? And kicked me out of online