Global server down

The global server is down and a lot of people flying atm are saying the same thing.


Good on my end - How’s your connection?


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will confirm this as well. however my destination airport KMCI miraclously loaded 100%

oh it’s good now lol

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Woops its back down again.

Is your internet connection stable?

yea it is very stable.

Have you tried restarting your device, can you do a ping test? Another thing, your scenery is loading correctly right?

everything works.

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Ok! Glad to hear that it’s fixed. :)

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RJOO disappeared out of nowhere

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No not the global server is working, all the other instruments are.

Clear your scenery cache if it’s not loading right. @Jack_Edmondson

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Have you tried the steps I gave you?

yes still not working

Do you have enough storage in your device?

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I think the guy in front of me had the same problem because he did a go-around.

just landed. my connection is still red but the airport loaded

Just because someone did a go around doesn’t mean it’s gone for them too. I’m checking on my end right now. You cleared your cache right?