Global server down

The global server is down and a lot of people flying atm are saying the same thing.


Good on my end - How’s your connection?


will confirm this as well. however my destination airport KMCI miraclously loaded 100%

oh it’s good now lol

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Woops its back down again.

Is your internet connection stable?

yea it is very stable.

Have you tried restarting your device, can you do a ping test? Another thing, your scenery is loading correctly right?

everything works.

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Ok! Glad to hear that it’s fixed. :)

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RJOO disappeared out of nowhere

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No not the global server is working, all the other instruments are.

Clear your scenery cache if it’s not loading right. @ANAJALFan

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Have you tried the steps I gave you?

yes still not working

Do you have enough storage in your device?

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I think the guy in front of me had the same problem because he did a go-around.


just landed. my connection is still red but the airport loaded

Just because someone did a go around doesn’t mean it’s gone for them too. I’m checking on my end right now. You cleared your cache right?

My device is now actually not connecting to the global server as well. I have very good internet.


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