Global Server down

I am descending into LIRF and my global server is down, HD scenery is gone. i had this 1 time before at EPWA, i was struggeling to land but my friends helped me out then.
Does someone has this problem too, or does anyone knows how to fix it?
My WIFI is good btw

Is there a green check on your upper right screen

there is 1 red check, and that is the global server

Well, starters, do you have a stable connection? You could have the best internet, but doesn’t mean your internet provider isn’t having issues:)

i dont think that is it, cause otherwise my live server wont be working then

Ok. I have had this problem before and restarting the app fixed it. It could also be all of the traffic in the area making everything fall behind

do you at least have ATC contact

i have yes
so im just vectoring me to the runway

but if i restart the app my flight is gone, so im gonna try the best for now

yea just use APPR and hope you can see the taxiway. Yea same. i dont want to restart the app either. i just spawned in and it looks fine to me but i have had this problem before

okay thank you!!

what runway are you on final for

idk, im still on appr

but i think hes going to send me to the 16’s

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The most usual cause for this when everything else seems to be fine, is lack of available storage. Could this be the case for you?

@schyllberg i have 64GB and only using 40 of that so that couldnt be it

i just landed on ILS, but i left when i was off the runway, i couldnt see anything of the airport

my IF wont spawn me into everywere, i will take a screenshot of my logbook and re-install the game

What about your device memory? If you have lots of apps open that could be a problem.

i only had IF running