Global server down

Ok guys I need your help. Please forgive me for posting this in the wrong category as I wasn’t sure where it goes. I was flying back from EIDW and now I see the red ! that said global server is down. The terrain is blurry so I cannot land on the runway. I’m on the expert server so I opted to keep flying. Is there anything else I can do to fix it? Thanks for your help in advance :) also so sorry the picture is sideways


Special thanks to Daniel for helping me with the category part :) still having trouble

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Hopefully a simple app restart should fix it. I don’t have any problems on my end.

If that doesn’t work, delete the app, restart device, download the app again, then see if it is working!

Report back to see if this works!

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I would also check your Internet connection, which depending on where you live can be through a wireless “dish” or through a cable in the ground. The weather can affect the “dish” (what I have) and can obstruct your signal

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I reloaded the app and it still had my flight. I saw a green check mark but then it went back to red again.

What do you mean by reloaded it? Like left the app and quick when back into your flight?

No dish connection here but my internet is a WiFi connection . I’ll try moving close to my router

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Yes. I left the app then reclicked it

You might have to end your flight on this one to get it fixed most likely…

Also can I ask for your device, model, operating system, and your current Infinite Flight version?

How much storage is available on your device? If you’re running critically low, the app will not be able to download anymore scenery and kills the connection to the server.

It’s looking like it. I have a iPad Pro 9.7 , the app I have is the latest update

Ok thanks. Also schyllberg asked a good question, will help you on fixing this.

I have a 128 GB storage and I’ve used 76 GB of it.

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That shouldn’t be an issue then. Good :)

Try putting your device to flight mode for 30 seconds, it should reconnect to all instances if possible after you’ve done that and there’s nothing else causing the failure.

Ok I am giving that a go right now. Weird thing is I managed to land my plane fine even though the runway was blurry (I knew what LCY looked like). Will give another update in a minute ;)

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Sweet news, I ended up doing the 30 second flight mode setting for my iPad and it sorted it straight away. I landed the plane safely in the runway , did the 30 second flight thing, then reloaded my app and came back to this :). I was extremely worried as this flight was a VA flight and I didn’t want to mess it up (although I could have restarted it ). Special thanks to @schyllberg , @Joseph007 and @Daniel14 for your help :) . This terrifying problem is now solved. PS. I’ll also free up some storage just in case :).