Global Server Down?


I was just wondering if anybody else was having trouble connecting to the Global Server (not the Live Server), as I have had the red warning sign all day. (I have gone through the standard procedure many a time: Restart IF/phone.)

Thanks, FDemon.


Cant say the same my connection is fine, the only thing i can tell you is to make sure you have a strong connection to your internet and close all your background apps

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My internet connection is strong and no background apps are open.

Are you sure it’s not the weather? The weather seems to be down. And that can cause a red exclamation mark to show up in the upper right hand corner. Not the standard green check mark.


My weather has the green light. It is definitely the Global Server. It is not a major problem, to be quite honest, because the Live server is working perfectly. Although I am receiving trouble from the API Server.

We have seen sporatic connection issue but nothing widespread.

Log out of IF (dont just close it)
Close IF
Log back in

See if that helps any.

What device are you on? Can you try a different wifi and see if that makes a difference? You may want to reboot your router if you can.

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I am using an iPhone 5S, and too be fair, that is probably causing problems. I have been playing this game for quite some time on this phone and it has been working a dream, (it is literally the only app I have downloaded) however, I realise that problems will arise in the future, and I will need to purchase a newer device. I will try what you have suggested once I have landed.