Global Server Down?

Anyone else having issues connecting to the Global Server? I’ve tried multiple networks (including cellular) and multiple devices, all have the same issue.

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Seems to be working perfectly fine for me. Have you tried restarting your network(s)?

Me too rip. Seems to be down…

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Can’t restart cellular ;) but yes I’ve reset the other networks with no help

the servers where the airplanes and stuff load from is down

Haha, you know what I mean. Hmm, they will probably be up for you momentarily then :)

Hi Jake,
The servers seem to be working fine on my end. How long has the servers been down for you?

I noticed the livery’s weren’t loading in the menu either, and global server went red as soon as I took off

Since takeoff, around 15 minutes ago

It appears to be working for some of us, and others not. Lets wait for a dev to respond.

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It’s Probabaly a regional thing, since the servers are up where I live

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In that case I’ll add, I’m in Calgary AB Canada

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If in fact it is the case, th servers will probably be up within the next hour or so

Rochester, NY, as of right now, the servers are fine

But I noticed LiveFlight isn’t working. Don’t know if it’s related

Torquay, Victoria, Australia. Servers are fiiiiiinnne here

Servers are now up in Calgary AB Canada, however terrain is not in HD (I am in an HD area)

Terrain also only shows up at night

@Jake_Stopher try a re installation of the app.

It’s working for me and some others, while the servers are not working for others…weird.