Global server down = 6 violations

Hello ifc, so I was on final to Orlando after a 9 hour flight and suddenly my global server went, flying me around all over the place. I was suddenly launched up to 500 + knots and ended up crashing. I thought it over as a weird glitch but I went on today with me at grade 1 which ends plans for me to do a 2018-2019 flight.

What’s your callsign and display name?


Display name: kaiser husky

Callsign: N1KB

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Hi there, after looking at your flight record I see a few inconsistencies with what you are stating.

Your flight was fine until you made it to Orlando. You were flying around FL400 and it appears as though your flight plan ran out as AP circled the airport a number of times. At no time did it show you attempting to land.

At 06:58 UTC you reach the Florida coast and shortly after start doing circles. The circles continue until 07:36 UTC when you continue straight on a heading of 27 degrees which takes you to the North East. At 08:45 UTC it appears as though you run out of fuel and start a nose dive from FL400 which is where you picked up the violations.

If you have something that shows you landed in Orlando or was on final like you said we can look into it further but based on the flight data that is what we are seeing.


Hmm that’s weird. I was awake the whole time and don’t remember doing any circles or running out of fuel. I just remember being thrown around and being launched to incredible speeds before being rammed into the ground.

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Same exact thing happened to me, except I was super lucky to check liveflight at the right time, and I saw that my flight was going north not west, I checked the phone, and the altitude was 9000 and dropping super fast. I was super lucky enough to quit fast enough to not get any violations. I feel bad for you though.

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Yeah. I would normally dismiss this as a mistake by me but when it’s like this where it’s at the servers fault, I thought i should report it.


@Chris_S May you please show me how I got my violations. I was asleep, woke up and had 6.

Your logbook will show you what the violation is for and when. Note that all times are Zulu time.

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It’s for overspeeding but I’m not sure how. @Chris_S

Please send me a PM instead of hijacking someone elses support request.


Sorry, I will.

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