Global Server Disconnections

After reading multiple comments and other FAQs, I haven’t found the proper solution to my problem. I have been getting disconnected from the global Server multiple times during my flights, its just about 5 seconds then I’m back to normal. As well as API services, I got a yellow hazard indicator and don’t know what that means. I would really appreciate the help…


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I also encounter such problems from time to time. Your landing frequency and flight time will still be recorded. Usually, after a period of time, this problem will resolve itself

*The above comes from personal experience

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

No, I’m afraid it would make me re-login and I don’t actually remember my password :(

I haven’t had it for about a day, but this happened before, and after about 1 week, the problem started again.

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I have un-installed IF before for a different reason. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign back in. But you’ll have to re-download every aircraft (which won’t take long).

from personal experience

oh ok, the problem seems to be gone for now, but if it happens again i’ll re-consider this. Thanks for the help :)

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