Global Server disconnect

Hi is there a remedy when a successful flight and landing results in warning that the Global server
has gone off and the flight dosen’t register the landing or points, so an hour and a half was wasted
It was on the Casual Server


Hmm. Was your scenery blurry at the time?

When one of your servers goes down, wait a few to see if it corrects itself. Otherwise, you can turn on airplane mode for 30 seconds and that usually solves the issue. If not, it’s on IF’s servers.

no everything was perfect , just saw the orange/red
dot showing Global was off. The imagery was perfect
thanks When i logged out no info went to my stats
and my log shows no landing …guess thats IF !

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i was entering final

Hmm. What was your device storage at the time

i have no idea
It was a sever issue, because I was unable to
get any IF online connection for 30 minutes after the flight…then it came back

Why it happened is not a concern to me
getting credit for a successful flight is

but i see thats not possible

thank you everybody for the input

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