Global server connection issue

Currently, I’m inflight on the expert server and the global server connection is not stays green for a second and becomes red anyone experiencing the same?

Is your connection secure and stable? Mine is perfectly fine.

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my connection is just fine

live server is green all the’s the global server status which is unstable

i’m running the app on mobile data now. the problem persists.

Is it effected your actual simulator? Like other aircraft disappearing?

the terrain is not loading

Having the same issue as well! Just happened to land at Dublin a minute ago and the airport terrain disappeared as I exited the runway. The icon besides the global server was red all along during my descent

Yea, i’m getting this too now that you speak of it cruising over Australia…

I’m en route Warsaw, cruising over Iran as I speak.

I don’t have any issues with the connection I’m cruising over Canada now and 1 hour more

Update: nvm what I have said, I’m getting too

We’re working in this one: