Global server connecting and disconnecting

Hey in a last few days i noticed that global server is connecting and disconecting every few seconds i have stable internet connection and i tried also using mobile data and its also happening… Any body knows why?

Hmm, another user might also have had the same problem. Is it this?

Global server in the top right corner keeps flickering so its connecting and discontecting really fast

Is the Live Server Icon showing red on the top right of the screen? What are you seeing?

It keeps flickering the global server icon

Flickering to an amber colour or red colour? This will indicate on wether you are connected or not.

Its flickering beetwen red and green really fast sometimes but very frequently in the past days

I’ll assume you’re currently flying? Where are you at and which server are you in? Maybe I can try to find you?


The sensitivity for that warning function is set too high. It’s not of any concern as long as you’re not experiencing scenery issues.

We’re going to address that in 19.3.


You may need to check if you see others flying around. This will indicate whether you are connected or not.

I dont what how this will help but sure :D Expert near LGAV Adria 1485

Global server is scenery. Not Live which would affect seeing other aircraft.

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Alrigth thanks! yesterday when i spawned i didnt see scenery yeah but when i restared my flight scenery it was back…

Hmm, on Live flight you’re still online. Flying from LJLJ to LGRP

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Of course he is. Live isn’t his issue.

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Oh, alright then, my apologies