Global, Select a route not a region

A cool idea, but it would take years to compile all those routes. Let’s not even talk about storage space 😉

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Preselected routes work when there are no real variables.

Winds, turbulence will change a route or altitude in a hurry.


Like the idea but think it’s a lot more fun to create your own personal route

Except when your flying from DXB to SFO and you have to manually pick every point, maybe it can generate the shortest route, and then we have the option to modify it ?


Love the idea. I think it should come with the original route flown by the airline, then you could have the option to switch to the shortest route, or to make your own


This is nice however you shouldn’t have to choose a route.

Nah, I’ve seen your python keylogger. Just make a quick script to pull data from every flight on flightaware and put it in a plaintext file. It couldn’t be that much storage.

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Just need some enroute charts


I find using charts like these more simple.
An example from
EDDF Departures.

Piece of cake.

This could be fun for realitistic pilots out there and make it easy to fly these company routes. Splendid!

This is real trouble for FDS. They’ll have to constantly update the lists to match with IRL real time flight data.

Save them the trouble, do it yourself ;)


I agree with this idea.

Yes. I think it’s a good idea. However users can use the GlobalRoutes website (Hope I got the name right).

That’s actually quite a nice idea. Still, compiling them would take a long time.

I know what it’s gonna be like I’ll tell you in a month

This feature is useless since some routes will not be there. It would be better if we selected the routes.

Wow. We really need this!

It will be better to file your own flight plan for example ZKPY-EGKK or OSDA-KJFK. Think about it…