Global, Select a route not a region

##Global, Select a route not a region.

Earlier, whilst sat alone, bored…I thought of an idea, I’m open to your views.

With global up and coming, people seem to be really hyping about what routes they will fly first with their favrouite airlines …But What if, when selecting your liveried aircraft, another menu appears. What if, you could then view all the flight numbers and routes relating to that airline.

_For example: _ You Click the BA A318, You select routes, and click BA001 EGLC-KJKF. Select, go into game and there it is, your route in map and your flying that route.

You log the routes you have flown, and before you know it the competition is on, who can fly em all first!

Genuinely open to your views on this one…


Hmmm… I like this. A library of RW routes would not be possible to get the data for, but presets that a user can make would be good. Nice.


Sounds great! Perhaps there could be a route planning page, and all saved routes would be available for easy access.

EDDF-MDPP Boeing 767-300

I actually thought that could be done with the live flight app when i first heard about it. But great idea

This is truly a wonderful idea.also shortcut of time.

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This is very irrelevant. Why would you want to select computerised routes when you can make your own. Also nobody doesn’t know how the layout will be when global is released so regions could stay as a option or maybe it will be changed.


Having different options is always nice. Maybe some don’t mind computerized routes as long as they’re flying


Only problem is, commercial routes are changes every day, dependent on weather and many other factors. Just make your own routes, it’s more realistic anyway. However, if this was applied to VAs and fully customizable, my views might change.


Great Idea. It would really simplify route planning, and make it more realistic at the same time. Less time planning at the gate.

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Sounds brilliant to me. Good idea!

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Sound like a very good idea. As long as you can select no route at all, and also the real life routes, you know what I mean?


Great idea wouldn’t change a thing.

Yes. I’d rather not see Concordes going KLGA - KJFK in the future.


Yeah that should be a feature but it should be optional, you should have option to fly with that or without it

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Are you suggesting only the ability to select routes instead of a region to spawn in? Because if that’s the case, I do not support this. Some of us don’t have aby desire to be flying realistic flights, just having fun and doing patterns. I should be able to spawn anywhere I want

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Maybe be able to fill your FPL before enter flight session. The device could load streamed maps only over the route planned, forcing everybody to make a flight plan

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To be honest this idea wouldn’t work for some and is too confusing!


For some your right. I agree the capacity to be able to just fly patterns or VFR is lovely, but that secondary option to tick a route off…sounds great!


Yes it would be a great idea though !