Global Route suggestions for Cruiser

Currently I am in the process of planning global flight routes for Cruiser and I just wanted to ask you guys beacuse the VA is about you. Anyone can request even if you are not part of the VA.
Any suggestions are welcome. :P

Singapore is a must xD

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What routes from and to Singapore XD

Where do you live? <–> Singapore xD

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I’m thinking A380 London Heathrow (or gatwick) to Singapore International? XD

Why not EGBB? xD

I saw your email I say Los Angeles To Changi

Helsinki-Singapore ( EFHK-WSSS)

Brisbane (AUS) to Christchurch (NZ)

Kansai to Hong Kong :)


CYFC to KLAX (Fredericton to Los Angeles)

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The amount of Singapore here is crazy hahaha

WIDD - WSSS - EHAM with B777 300 ER or A380

You kidding me bruh 77W or A388 WIDD > WSSS? XD

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Yeah because WIDD can handle them so yeah.

Yea but it’s weird… I’d welcome a WIII-WSSS-EHAM hop with an A388 to troll real life KLM route KLM835/836 hahaha

Isn’t it EHAM - WMKK - WIII and I flew with KLM WMKK - WIII

KLM835/836 flies here… (not to WIII but WADD but still… hahaha)

what about EQ 418 DXB-BKK-SYD-CHC then EQ 419 CHC-SYD-BKK-DXB

Singapore becomea Cruisers hub apparently.