Global release on Christmas Day?

So, Global is getting a lot of teases right about now. This normally suggests an imminent release.

Someone said to me this evening: “Louis, Android release tomorrow, IOS on Boxing Day”…What do we think?

Could we see a global release or announcement tomorrow?

On a side note, Merry Christmas all. I suffered a great loss in May this year, and it was the love and support from my IFC friends that have given me a new hope.

Before someone tells me this is a duplicate thread, don’t. Its not, I just want a fresh discussion on this…Do we think Global will be with us tomorrow?


No, they even said on their Facebook page that Global won’t come on christmas. :)


Red herring? - Think of C130, we had a load of photos and videos and next thing you know we have an unexpected release out of the blue.

Maybe an announcement then? it would be unlike IF to not have something special planned for Christmas Day.

We hardly have any, there is none on the Instagram Page.

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I just had a guy DM on Instagram saying it will come out on New Years. I’d rather not lecture somebody else.


I mean, the global tease video, Laura has been talking a lot on IFC and also the sudden out of the blue confirmation of BOTH engine on/off and LNAV on Instagram.

That sounds exciting!! - Do you believe him? I mean, it would be a fantastic start to the new year…

I could count it with my hands, C130 had tons. And the 787, It had like 50


It’s not coming tomorrow

Right, like we’d risk releasing something this big on a holiday :)

That’s the best way to ruin your holiday. Guaranteed! :)