Global regions

Yes… I’m horrible with titles

Ok so I’ve seen many post regarding what would happen if you entered a region and you haven’t bought it. But what if global is seperate or you must buy the full thing? Maybe there still could be seperated regions (probably not cause of server fee etc.) but my second point might make you think. What if you cannot buy seperate regions and you must buy the full thing?

If my points above are wrong, global might be like just now, where if you try to leave a region they cut the throttle until back to safety. Yes I understand the this part has been mentioned countless times. Thank you for your time !!

Just need to wait to find out

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we don’t know

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These details for Global haven’t been released yet (to my understanding), but my prediction is that they will do away with the regions and make Global an all-inclusive purchase.


Nobody nose🤔

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*knows not nose 👃


Who knows? Not me:)