Global Questions

Hello, I am new here so please bare with me:)
I just have a few questions about global,

First of all, what is it and how is it different from live?

Second, will it require a subscription?

Third, does it have a release date?

That’s about all
Thank you


1- it will have every airport included
2- ----
3- When it’s ready


Global flight allows you to fly around the world with little to no restrictions.

The devs have not yet figured out a subscription/pricing system yet.

No release date as of yet.


1- It will have more airports included, with the ability of long haul flights. Not all airports will be developed when global comes out
2- It will most likely require payment, but this has not been confirmed nor denied.
3- The Devs have no definite date.

Plenty of good answers above:)